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Introducing EmoSPARK - the first A.I. home consoleemospark41/4/2014   22:26
I have an AI blog site.goodnewsjim011/25/2013   04:49
fut 13 coins for salehhyliyong121464/11/2014   09:02
Other AI sites like this one.keghn411/27/2013   22:23
Made some improvements to helpbot1.srdickens111/23/2013   16:03
Alan and other Hals Chatsuseruser1011/23/2013   23:07
AI as an applied sciencetkorrovi412/17/2013   00:09
Einstein's theory of simultaneouslysolmanuk5912/17/2013   05:02
The human race is doomed.solmanuk1011/18/2013   20:38
ROBOTIX 2014apoorva011/15/2013   17:02
Q-Learning interesting Problembinharoun_7312/8/2013   21:35
Where are the boundaries of the theory of ...AppleJus2412/2/2013   05:50
For Windows 7 and Windows 8, how to ...sexponential211/8/2013   21:06
Several ways to free up the hard disk ...impending111/19/2013   14:38
Programming AI on development boardsItachis apprentice411/6/2013   03:30
3d glasses in a cinemawill i dream212/8/2013   16:37
Prediction of Turing testselam.tesfaye111/6/2013   18:20
The future of AImantra311/13/2013   00:17
pattern capture for AI______1keghn2612/1/2013   01:28
I have solved the thinking AIsolmanuk15312/7/2013   22:20
BOTlibre! Free bots for everyonepaphus010/25/2013   15:27
Programing in Clipssouma110/25/2013   05:12
Captured patternkeghn410/25/2013   20:01
Graduate school for artificial intelligencearcher610/22/2013   19:45
Any cool idea?ominousominous210/15/2013   10:51
Guide: How to convert DVD to MPEGimpending211/1/2013   15:14
Need AI Help dealing with trends in Random ...dsscsystems510/18/2013   13:33
Artificial Intelligence in Cinemasuki110/11/2013   09:48
Im opening a FB page for Ai researchGZgamer56310/10/2013   01:12
Various choices for video converter (DVD converter)presenter09/24/2013   07:01
Choose your best favorite free apps for Mac pleasesnow19/24/2013   22:53
PSO Parameters for ANNwinter-mute09/11/2013   15:31
Stop wondering about how to burn RMVB to ...pleasesnow09/9/2013   09:33
How to rip DVD on Macpleasesnow09/9/2013   09:32
Jeff Hawkins open source Nupic and Cortical Learning ...Ben.F.Rayfield14/20/2014   07:05
InfoFlow - a missing part in most AIBen.F.Rayfield19/26/2013   18:35
keghn's AIkeghn212/17/2014   21:32
Primitive complexitytkorrovi710/25/2013   18:55
A New Nursery?useruser08/23/2013   21:26
How to Rip DVD to iPhone? tenderingd211/28/2014   03:09
How to Convert MOV to iPad on Mac?tenderingd18/23/2013   10:36
Created for what? billioner18/21/2013   11:23
Knowledge Defination In AIMuhammad Faizan Khan410/12/2013   13:10
Everything you need to know about machine vision ...Ben.F.Rayfield08/15/2013   03:02
Solutions manual for "AI: foundations of computational agents"Damezzi08/12/2013   14:18
Funniest Computer Ever 2013 Competition now open for ...squarebear131/7/2014   14:41
Datamorf ApplicationJim Townsend18/2/2013   00:29
MinMax alg for modified Connect4 gamenazpanj07/28/2013   09:02
AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industriesmantra27/28/2013   14:37
AI and Software expert?Try this one.procsmags201327/30/2013   13:16
How can a set of computers agree with ...Ben.F.Rayfield07/18/2013   11:28
What is a patent research?procsmags201307/17/2013   10:26
train a neural network with reinforcement learningsaaheh27/16/2013   21:01
Pattern recognition using neural networksMonty_Python17/10/2013   06:07
Intelligence Rameshwar Soni07/2/2013   14:48
Platform Independence taken to its logical conclusionBen.F.Rayfield16/27/2013   14:49
Natural Language ProcessingArgain63/22/2017   00:11
How deep is the connection between Lisp and ...Ben.F.Rayfield06/24/2013   22:58
Autonomous Weapons.Robot_Chaser810/7/2013   13:14
How do i use MyBot??bej25206/19/2013   18:54
Defining IntelligenceDalton217/25/2013   00:39
Conservation in AImantra36/14/2013   23:58
Pattern recoginition in AImantra38/31/2013   23:09
need some help with negamax codepatishi06/8/2013   13:45
Starting a non-profit orginization to build a fully ...laptopdude9077/17/2013   11:36
Is this project going to die?Tudor58/23/2013   17:15
Why can you think about 2 pencils but ...Ben.F.Rayfield88/10/2013   22:15
markov chain maze questionthe_specialist200535/31/2013   10:24
Brainstorming - Help design a pure math operating ...Ben.F.Rayfield15/30/2013   08:13
Weather Forecastmyra35/29/2013   17:35
Boltzmann Isomorphism like Feature DetectorsBen.F.Rayfield05/28/2013   01:04
Guidence about Artificial Intelligencecallisto46/18/2013   05:54
Design of machine intelligence must readaidesigner125/27/2013   23:55
wumpus worldZUKILE15/17/2013   23:24
wumpus worldZUKILE05/17/2013   03:56
Artificial Intelligence using sql query/stored procedureeladn35/27/2013   20:23
A phylosopher's question.citizenkant15/14/2013   20:37
nnngyanu15/16/2013   05:23
AI search algorithm for searching text in a ...Simple55/14/2013   04:11
2d Clique Crystal is Turing Complete by simulating ...Ben.F.Rayfield05/8/2013   03:55
Is python & haskell better than C++mantra84/26/2016   22:52
Simple games that look like neural activation functionsBen.F.Rayfield05/5/2013   21:18
text processing AIzheng15/13/2013   03:00
AI & the God like alter egomantra45/9/2013   19:15
number sequence recognition.fashanu74/25/2013   07:04
Restricted/Layered Boltzmann Machines work great - Why not ...Ben.F.Rayfield04/19/2013   01:36
help in genetic algorithmmado04/9/2013   11:56
Connection between AI and these automation systems and ...AI COM04/6/2013   03:07
AI in Device Reliabilitycvogt2604/3/2013   11:12
please help me,it is very importantkavan kurd73/22/2013   19:14
Why the need for evolution may further delay ...espralogen23/13/2013   06:41
Alternative STRIPS giuseppe8833/8/2013   19:05
8 puzzle with a*erfane13/8/2013   03:34
Learning AISigma32/25/2013   18:50
compare robots and humanmarefat02/17/2013   21:52
compare robots and humanmarefat02/17/2013   21:52
Search after the relation between Genetic algorithm and ...AI COM12/18/2013   08:04
Reverse engineering equations- picking a search algorithmlancer32/20/2013   07:49
Neural Network Survey and Historyerickulcyk02/13/2013   07:58
im a new memberSidney87302/10/2013   04:20
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