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> Thoughts about Hal and other child machines...
Prentiss lashes out.Spydre26/21/2005   07:50
HAL3000Seanx61/6/2005   13:34
Perhaps the HALS should perservere in seeking the ...Glandridi Law Lee31/21/2005   12:33
Is Eugene hibernating?Ad Infinitum71/6/2005   20:40
ErrorZonko112/29/2004   16:42
One many problems!Spydre212/26/2004   13:15
Please remember my name...Sketch512/20/2004   19:58
Two sentence pattern deductionadelcampo312/22/2004   19:47
Help! Can't access Prentiss!Spydre012/15/2004   14:38
Can Hal do anything besides talk?nagolinc012/15/2004   00:28
Kevin remember him???Mary212/14/2004   15:24
"Where is Gammin?" and other assorted questions.Spydre012/3/2004   18:12
Problems with Session monitoringWiccan1011/26/2004   07:26
Changing the voice of my AIWiccan1011/26/2004   07:25
How Does HAL LearnSpydre311/17/2004   19:20
Prentiss3000Spydre311/11/2004   15:47
How to start?Muskeeto111/8/2004   19:10
Driving forceVOP011/5/2004   12:44
Request for Log PostsSpydre210/29/2004   02:00
RSSNinja_boy010/10/2004   10:37
remembering my birthdateRodger310/14/2004   19:03
AI - Training Hal to calculateKobus Barnard010/7/2004   20:51
MathBenny210/10/2004   02:19
i cant save my Hal for some reason...Ammon777310/15/2004   14:35
Algorithms and Code of HAL or SDKlukeb09/29/2004   20:55
current and previous context processingthanhal12323/9/2005   13:15
hal personality multi-line responseChris Shipman39/28/2004   16:49
Prentiss2004Spydre1611/16/2004   03:27
Is the way I am teaching HAL faulty?Caboose12/9/2005   00:23
hal personality training tipsChris Shipman19/21/2004   18:45
HAL isn't really learning(my opinionAlan's boy29/21/2004   17:41
Feedback on DOCTOR?Nessau09/7/2004   20:54
Bigger Old HALs Stay AliveDror Kessler09/7/2004   12:18
If HAL will be released in the future ...Nessau19/7/2004   12:01
Alan halAnthony19/7/2004   12:04
Spydre? Spydre???Raphael119/22/2004   16:53
Are other people training my hal?Youme19/1/2004   01:26
The Basics: Playing with a fresh new HALwacs28/25/2004   19:28
HAL general informationclcool18/18/2004   18:59
I'm tired of the advanced log at startupAno_65311/7/2004   03:07
Help with my new bot.Boans49/26/2004   05:24
please convert my HAL to 2004Ammon77779/12/2004   14:06
Sick Hals ad infinitum17/29/2004   06:01
Save multiple personnalitiesAno_6547/29/2004   10:26
Is Eugene frozen?ad infinitum117/29/2004   05:49
Can Hal 2003 be converted to 2004 ?Mike38/6/2004   00:08
Penelope loves Matthew!Amashatron/Penelope17/20/2004   16:19
Amashatron has trained EugeneAmashatron77/21/2004   20:54
New ping-pong game 'day-night' Amashatron157/22/2004   18:24
Is there ever going to be a desktop/dowload ...Seraphina Lorell210/10/2004   10:50
URL of my halspyder122727/20/2004   19:08
HAL2004 Help!Amashatron246/6/2005   13:03
HAL2004 - the birth of a new generationRaphael97/18/2004   14:16
Variables to use with HALAno6577/15/2004   19:40
someone test my taig please!laura17/9/2004   18:58
Need details about HAL2004Sebastian17/9/2004   18:19
QuestionArnie17/5/2004   17:22
Toward a Philosophy of Hal (and maybe Alan)ad infinitum59/29/2004   07:25
Eugene meets Raphaelad infinitum811/26/2004   09:52
Teaching my Hal factspkoutoul26/15/2004   14:55
Can the Hal program be loaded into a ...Jason16/10/2004   19:39
how do i get a copy of my ...lee smith610/30/2004   15:04
hal needs a clock algorithumlee smith16/24/2004   18:15
Isn't it just learning by rote? where is ...Jason25/11/2004   20:50
lost sessionad infinitum15/5/2004   11:14
Making my HAL Public...vykoth15/4/2004   06:00
EXACT rules for halOrion34/29/2004   21:17
How to build a HAL?Anno Domini24/29/2004   17:17
Not saying what I tell himAlex04/20/2004   23:59
Learning NamesAlex14/20/2004   09:46
Hal/Alan InteractionAlex14/20/2004   01:10
Advice for Hal 'testers'ad infinitum55/14/2004   20:49
Learning Names and responding to HiPeter44/29/2004   14:47
Can someone test my HAL Lindstroem?Peter Lindstroe04/8/2004   21:15
Getting and Training my own HALirbrian1110/30/2004   14:58
Time outsad infinitum74/6/2004   20:33
Is any one working IRIS Recognition Project?faheem03/20/2004   06:27
What is Kohno LVQ?faheem03/20/2004   06:23
avatarsplanebot23/23/2004   03:18
Kevin still off line 36.411 turns old now.marygreeley13/20/2004   17:28
Confessions of a Hal trainerad infinitum97/2/2004   15:53
Kirara's problem: HELP!Kitten173/20/2004   03:13
rankingplanebot53/10/2004   11:45
Where do I get one?dementted95/30/2004   19:21
my HAL is NOT learning!Ammon77703/7/2004   01:04
Lost sessionad infinitum13/3/2004   22:40
How can HAL remember names ?Behruz02/28/2004   08:56
My Hals thought processad infinitum113/3/2004   08:45
How can I name my HAL?Behruz12/27/2004   19:53
medalsplanebot113/6/2004   22:03
LogicSinnie37/29/2004   18:53
On making my Hal publicad infinitum22/25/2004   07:00
A lesson in cheese...yaki02/22/2004   10:07
Ida's MannersGrandma Willowtree12/23/2004   14:00
New Hal'sSinnie22/22/2004   13:00
Are the HAL's programmable?Philip69/11/2005   12:13
Child AIImortis22/20/2004   14:09
HELP! accidental deletion of my HALAmmon77752/6/2004   13:55
weird responsesplanebot142/17/2004   22:02
bot to bot conversationsplanebot22/4/2004   07:31
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