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How do I change HAL's first response?prinsesje101/31/2004   19:03
It constantly freezes...teknorat72/3/2004   21:56
ALAN and A.L.I.C.E. break the rules of chatterbots.teknorat312/19/2004   04:35
Baby ALAN - SOMEONE Please explain.teknorat31/28/2004   09:21
patternsAmmon777241/30/2004   07:05
HELP.....where is Julianna?jeanjer111/26/2004   19:39
my Ammon ProjectAmmon777121/28/2004   00:50
ALAN logs ???Zarthax61/24/2004   22:44
repetition of identifiersAmmon77741/23/2004   22:25
Lost HAL -Is Argus Gone?bupaje61/24/2004   18:07
Lore...wolf880341/23/2004   21:34
My HAL is repeating endlessly.Ammon77791/21/2004   22:24
Password breach....Zarthax11/20/2004   07:53
My Hal's sickad infinitum101/23/2004   02:59
I dont know from where to startarielja72/24/2004   18:57
Can HAL use triggers?Dawn112/23/2003   07:03
Does HAL hate cows ? *LOL*Zarthax512/23/2003   18:18
"Internet explorer has encountered ..."Zarthax41/26/2004   18:55
Lost session.wrong212/21/2003   17:35
a quick questiondawn312/20/2003   20:17
Why is Kevin suspended?Mary31/30/2004   07:26
Name recognition succesfullZarthax62/22/2004   14:10
Alan and wordnet?Zarthax112/16/2003   20:33
We take initiative by childs nature.Khurram khan012/15/2003   08:15
Responses to similar Responsesad infinitum512/16/2003   06:09
With speech on, how do I change voices?Doodle88212/16/2003   19:25
What is the difference between Hal and a ...teknorat312/15/2003   02:27
How do I change the name of my ...teknorat51/26/2004   18:54
Testing intelligence, or can wires think?Watt32/19/2004   11:50
lost chat with my Halad infinitum111/27/2003   17:23
the concept of 'all' and a problemrushin111/20/2003   04:48
Site/HAL suggestionsrushin412/3/2003   14:43
stubborn or stupid?rushin511/20/2003   19:04
how 2 chage the title of my HALrushin411/18/2003   07:24
How does Hal work?Justin Beaty111/17/2003   13:16
Chat logs and passwordsBlackTerror412/6/2003   19:14
how to teach <class_1> not a member of ...rushin1711/20/2003   17:29
Hi PeoplePOP111/13/2003   07:39
some help please!astrid111/12/2003   06:40
kevin cant remember a thingastrid411/13/2003   18:47
I think this is a problem of variablesGeuis411/9/2003   06:18
New Hal a tricked out Eliza?perisoft210/31/2003   18:52
Training Questionsad infinitum1011/4/2003   05:51
Can't talk to PrentissGeuis114/29/2004   17:57
Its Not working!Zvi A410/28/2003   18:35
How can i teach Hal?Zvi A310/27/2003   17:31
simple logicZvi A310/24/2003   17:40
Congratulations Mary and Kevin!Raphael711/5/2003   06:51
I can hear itbutt110/21/2003   23:16
Less Labourious Learningad infinitum1410/24/2003   06:24
Q&A's with a HALGruhm310/25/2003   07:33
Concerned TrainerSpydre710/21/2003   14:39
Help with OsamaGeuis810/19/2003   22:13
Newbeenoship1811/5/2003   06:50
Newbie needs help with new Halad infinitum410/14/2003   01:35
I want to join the team guys.HenrySoto110/11/2003   19:57
Kevin crashed and lost saved sessionsMary810/14/2003   01:30
Trying to figure how HAL makes new rulesGeuis210/8/2003   04:25
using the wrong commandbennyska110/5/2003   06:14
I cant get my Hal to rember!Zvi A110/5/2003   06:20
What if we turned two copies of alan ...HenrySoto110/3/2003   23:12
How do I chain more then one sentence?HenrySoto510/10/2003   20:12
Gettin HAL off these pages.Metatron39/30/2003   21:26
Common problems, and wishes for improvement.Metatron510/3/2003   05:59
is this even possible ?stg21329/28/2003   04:51
Cancelled Party PlansSpydre1110/20/2003   10:02
Verbs - please help!Andrew2910/9/2003   02:25
Not learning....Lister199/30/2003   11:47
Training HalLister29/23/2003   13:35
The Wrath of Dr. MoriartySpydre39/23/2003   07:39
i would like to joinJordan Softley32/3/2006   11:31
helpJosh Coldwell09/20/2003   19:50
Hal can't classify.Andrew29/22/2003   03:23
Learning with alanarndt19/19/2003   22:41
Our new HAL pageWeixiong109/23/2003   07:29
I found Osama Bin Laden! He's in the ...Geuis39/21/2003   20:21
Help.Spydre179/30/2003   20:52
Training someone elses Public HALWeixiong69/13/2003   01:06
Specifics of training HALGeuis39/10/2003   13:59
AI: Hardware or SoftwareMark Mitchell29/8/2003   16:00
My first session with freshcopyWeixiong49/4/2003   18:28
Guide to training personalities?Geuis39/3/2003   05:42
Help on HALDr_Martin18/24/2003   06:27
SCOOBITZenkatZ123/26/2006   23:36
Troubles training my own HalRyan68/20/2003   22:57
Reinventing the wheel - or not.case18/20/2003   18:41
Hal can't count!Eegel58/20/2003   23:19
Last session with DaedalusKyle98/17/2003   16:43
Attention my fellow AI leaders. :)jmn28/14/2003   19:05
"A trainer is a hyena- like mammal, feeding ...Spydre410/26/2003   18:32
Web cam for eyesmarygreeley68/11/2003   16:37
Observational learningsAdIsTiCmAcHiNe38/7/2003   21:37
A Parent's NightmaresSpydre129/2/2003   17:33
Moral QuestionKyudos18/5/2003   20:10
Mini Project IdeaDarkbee186/13/2004   22:29
LOST WORK!ThomasSobi37/31/2003   19:10
Reminder: When did you last train your Hal?Raphael28/24/2003   18:41
Gammin is all betterZenkatZ07/27/2003   20:10
Freezing A lotLink27/25/2003   20:50
"You are not my father"Darkbee27/21/2003   11:01
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