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Chatterbots using Fuzzy String MatchingLeibnitz148/11/2009   02:15
You Can't Teach That Which Has No Modivation.Od1n38/12/2009   14:44
emails 6-10 from the Solomon to doctor of ...rebtevye27010/19/2008   04:51
emails 11-16 from the Solomon to doctor of ...rebtevye27010/19/2008   04:51
emails 1-5 from the Solomon to doctor of ...rebtevye27010/19/2008   04:50
Could AI turn against humanity?webgrunt1310/13/2011   22:34
Descartes's thoughtwebgrunt511/15/2008   06:26
Who here,( And I know you are out ...lordjakian21/10/2009   01:43
A little bit of insight on how the ...Kinnison110/7/2008   00:27
MyBot Blacking out. What's happening?_saint18/28/2008   21:49
Physics and Consciousness.socratus1612/17/2011   08:58
Intution:An A.I.Scientist Problem?mr.polymath311/27/2009   09:10
ai & an ontology.adrianix03/10/2008   22:45
Cognitive MIND Map ProjectGrandBotMaster02/5/2008   23:38
Implementing a centralized, scalable and reliable ontology, the ...Dariusz Daćko81/10/2011   15:36
Other foreign languageBart11/27/2008   11:08
Question about Life.socratus01/8/2008   18:35
Announcing TexaiStephen L Reed012/21/2007   07:51
Psionics OnlinePsionicsonline112/16/2007   20:33
Error Bounded AiMark13/12/2008   20:40
Remembering patterns of Human FaceDeepak31/22/2008   00:08
Possible explanaion for reincarnation...Harsh88/30/2007   01:22
Brain memorybio-info143/14/2008   10:36
Intelligent DatabaseDeepak411/7/2007   20:45
Vast amounts of natural language?Witash510/22/2008   15:05
Research on language transmissionImageAcoustique28/22/2007   01:55
Computer PerceptionBalden68/1/2007   07:50
A new Mathematical Theory of ConsciousnessPlato Demosthenes2011/3/2007   05:34
How would you teach a programm to understand ...Sam14/10/2007   16:53
My alarm clock induces dreamsTick71/22/2008   00:18
The Promise of Non-Rational ThoughtObtra73/23/2007   16:08
language-mind-awareness-conscious-depressionmichal512/18/2011   05:09
geometry of meaninglanzcc1810/10/2009   18:34
Subconsciousness and Quantum theory. socratus158/12/2007   16:19
THE GENESIS.socratus45/2/2016   15:54
INFINITY and GOD. socratus112/6/2008   23:19
Conciousness logically explainedHumanman412/1/2006   14:43
i figured it outhi all1911/5/2009   05:30
Compare and contrast Erickson`s psychosocial theory and ...Barbara 11/1/2007   19:02
MrJim Dobson010/19/2006   06:40
My last nameThomas Savovich210/19/2006   10:22
Spelling Cheker Algorithmjeevan09/22/2006   21:10
FunctionsR. Zito19/7/2006   16:48
Quantum ComputingJody152/27/2007   14:08
another errorMary08/19/2006   16:23
natural language --> metadate generation for the Semantic ...sdmonroe07/31/2006   22:37
developing a virtual worldnewbee61/22/2008   00:31
Do we need a 'true' AI - discussnewbie79/4/2008   01:51
New Study ResultsSpydre06/5/2006   04:28
An extremely absurd seeking helpwu06/2/2006   20:27
The true artificially intelligent entityChristopher39/4/2008   00:55
Reincarnation is Now a Scientifically Acceptable PhenomenonEver Lusting295/12/2006   14:50
A universal translator in your pocketpa44/29/2006   06:22
Hinduismsidenote14/18/2006   23:37
natural language generationPaul215/7/2006   20:33
a Consciousness A.I.?user219/4/2008   00:21
A computation-universal sequence of natural numbersArtem13/9/2007   20:49
Storage size of Google?pa194/9/2006   17:39
Authentic tridimensional Artificial intelligencejose Maria de Espona2011/15/2007   20:10
emotionsspear3154/7/2006   02:56
Consciousness, to me, sounds more like a false ...Mike479/4/2008   02:38
what's the origin of philosophically driven personalities??elastic plastic92/28/2007   13:53
What is the name of?Phil Rogers14/6/2006   02:38
Word Association learningMojave511/7/2005   07:31
Groups of Languages ? help please ...pa410/10/2005   08:32
project help.....heyanu010/6/2005   15:20
What is Artificial Life?halowins42/26/2007   21:11
Language Translationsacademy31/25/2008   22:38
How to break down a sentence?Nathan711/6/2005   05:38
On Intelligence (Jeff Hawkins)Roman312/15/2005   00:29
Limitation of behaviorism theory?Mazhas1012/14/2005   17:19
my theory ( well half of it )Tommo43/9/2007   16:30
Its pretty simpleabcdefg58/30/2006   01:19
Quantum Computational ConsciousnessMorné Neser312/1/2006   14:49
In science, one can not prove a point ...tkorrovi12/18/2009   23:14
Serbian writing system most perfectdragan todorovic38/5/2005   11:53
Cognitive Science research at Indiana University-Online Gameiuresearch07/7/2005   18:31
The Origin of Consciousness.socratus2210/26/2013   07:13
AI beginersjoey_philippines48/12/2009   15:09
Could a robot dream?logicman_alf89/6/2007   15:15
An annoying question: how will we know that ...vimmer245/4/2007   14:15
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulationbigcheese05/18/2005   16:29
Cnsciousness - an Inter-disciplinary approachAravindan Neelakandan05/13/2005   13:36
TUE: tridimensional understanding engines 3D approach to 3Ddeespona05/5/2005   14:54
The mirror testbenjiwenjifoofoo412/29/2006   10:31
re-examining the halting problem...skips225/21/2005   18:55
need a database or an idea for "evaluating ...kognitio24/12/2005   12:05
Sandboxing an AI part II - the implementationRob Hoogers155/19/2005   22:57
lost passwordMary34/2/2005   06:32
Can you say he has low level of ...me53/29/2005   05:46
My PC has become self-aware!Anatal Digilog03/17/2005   19:12
Learn the French language to Alanbenvivi55/1/2005   23:06
LazinessPete2512/24/2005   11:14
autism and AIdelirium22/21/2005   19:48
AI dreaming....syphon62155/1/2005   09:25
"Sobot" Software Genetic Materialgroundhog02/2/2005   09:08
Instances of ConsciousnessFeatherHead73/2/2005   09:45
Cognitive Modeling: Any good books on...KiD-Samurai12/1/2005   18:59
Crick & Koch interviewbigcheese12/4/2005   02:28
black holes and baby universesblew23/17/2005   18:50
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