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Idea on consciousness/unconsciousnessXior22/7/2005   09:22
Help needed with open source word tablesObereg25/17/2005   10:03
AI: Thinking Computers?Fa112/5/2004   13:52
Learning and understanding???Ickis41/29/2005   06:34
nature vs nurture dedate on languagealison flory63/8/2006   17:01
Speech RecognitionQuirm111/26/2004   09:21
Complimenting with collaboration on Wikipedia. SudarshanP010/29/2004   08:03
big bangexus110/20/2004   07:45
The Cyberpunk EducatorJanos110/19/2005   02:56
Against the Singularity: Why the future does not ...Rob Hoogers210/30/2004   10:06
Achieving true AIZapmind243/13/2008   14:57
AI having a choice?polorix65/1/2005   23:49
Sandboxing an AIRob Hoogers411/19/2006   03:01
Mysterious weight gain Standard KilogramsRob Hoogers49/6/2004   09:06
Olbers ParadoxRob Hoogers195/18/2005   22:41
Cold Fusion Back From the DeadAnatal Digilog210/2/2004   13:57
SETI (search for aliens) finds possibly artificial signalGoogly09/2/2004   09:31
Language may shape human thoughtRob Hoogers63/12/2007   11:57
Monty Hall revisitedRob Hoogers188/27/2004   11:09
Right and left auditory processingCindy Kapp38/29/2004   14:14
Patent issued for Ten Ethical Laws of RoboticsJLM1012/31/2004   20:09
sleep and thinkingts166/25/2006   18:14
On randomness, dimensions and fixed constantsRob Hoogers218/3/2004   08:38
A (rough) Theory of ConsciousnessFarq Fenderson254/2/2007   17:20
language and memorymimi37/15/2004   08:08
Consciousness is an illusionProgra348/13/2009   04:05
Is Intelligence Real?Alanius171/28/2005   13:46
Language without knowledge?mallen8ab159/4/2008   19:51
Evolving IntelligenceAlanius51/15/2005   11:43
What I personally think about AI.peterunicorn51/15/2005   10:07
Consciousness, self, and chatbotspachomius200016/17/2004   02:21
Working as OneDaniel Hazelton Waters73/3/2006   15:43
Is word correctVictor Mazur56/5/2004   03:04
On words and thingsRob Hoogers166/16/2004   07:15
Parallel Worlds Home KitRob Hoogers83/28/2005   07:51
Theory of Wordszyvex25/23/2004   22:57
The Code and The Challenge of Learning to ...David Boulton35/4/2004   08:36
Are any of them alive?Diane206/20/2004   22:36
Imperatives and Evaluation Rob Hoogers266/4/2004   18:22
Problems with determinismRoodkapje74/22/2004   19:26
Hercolubus is approaching the Earth...Hercolubus 75/17/2004   23:31
robot comicken23/31/2004   19:51
Nature via NurtureRob Hoogers73/16/2004   05:02
Chicken Sexers and Ugly DucklingsSam Fentress02/12/2004   05:13
The Quagmire of LanguageRob Hoogers21/26/2004   08:12
Natural Intelligence...jpage012/19/2003   01:58
Language and chatbotsGregg Jackson261/6/2005   04:06
AttentionRob Hoogers431/30/2004   13:18
Not with the tools we got...jnaut237/1/2004   12:11
mind programmingruth rafield95/17/2005   13:41
quantum effects on biological moleculestk1310/22/2003   08:58
Technology in my Mind!Mark Nelson49/4/2003   13:35
CAN OF WORMSRob Hoogers21/14/2004   17:45
But is it Science?Rob Hoogers59/4/2003   07:48
Scaled Word lists for NLP, fuzzy logic, process ...Gonjin78/20/2003   07:10
Time and modelingTed Warring261/12/2004   17:59
Mirror neuronsOrri206/30/2004   09:03
The Origins of Language?Pennywise2311/5/2004   14:09
Nagging QuestionsRob Hoogers332/11/2004   11:52
MusicDevia2510/30/2004   20:59
Physics and Cosmology - Do they matter?Ribald516/15/2005   14:36
Sean's apologySean118/9/2003   12:10
Unified RealitySean211/7/2004   17:39
Alzheimer's And Dissociation Identity DisorderLKHempfling47/5/2003   14:10
Which are you?Pennywise87/15/2003   06:41
TruthRob Hoogers259/5/2003   06:37
Cognition is CategorizationPennywise36/25/2003   06:43
CultsPennywise298/11/2003   21:58
If it cannot be spec'd...Gregg Jackson86/21/2003   20:01
GodPennywise935/7/2004   10:35
NothingnessRob Hoogers1812/19/2003   03:14
Do we have free will?CriX16911/17/2004   16:29
Consciousness ManifestoSean58/9/2003   12:49
Natural Language Processing in Intelligent Tutoring Systemsuprapto4597/9/2003   15:36
Consciousness vs AwarenessRob Hoogers651/17/2004   07:20
LoveSean356/5/2003   00:42
KnowledgeBase AIshantanu24/25/2003   08:58
Symbolic AI vs. Hybrid AIKiD-Samurai174/10/2003   06:38
Writer Researching AutismBrian26/13/2004   23:48
Telepathy for Taciturn childrenThomas W. Colby23/13/2003   00:42
Random FiringSam Fentress33/7/2003   16:33
Let's try to define unfounded speculationFulvio133/6/2003   02:29
connectionist modeling of self identity and logical analysis...???kerinin86/24/2004   07:52
EmotionPennywise179/18/2004   21:26
Consciousness and DreamsPennywise354/15/2005   22:42
New Forum on languages, linguistics and translationWebmaster FORUM CIBERLINGUA312/8/2003   00:31
CategorizationSam Fentress203/1/2003   22:42
Is the term *functionally identical* meaningless?Rob Hoogers827/2/2003   09:26
AI: more than a pretty face?Rob Hoogers192/24/2003   13:31
A paper to dismemberTed Warring112/14/2003   18:48
StuffGregg Jackson152/13/2003   08:18
Individual Identity vs. Cosmic ConsciousnessFulvio196/14/2003   00:34
The Quantum Consciousness ExperimentFulvio54/22/2004   07:47
Consciousness as Credit Assignmentzyvex162/3/2003   20:13
beautiful coincindenceAndrewM231/6/2006   19:14
Meta-Awarenesses :PFulvio41/29/2003   03:50
Let's try to Define ConsciousnessHicham1623/12/2007   11:45
Facing up to the problem of consciousnessTed Warring581/31/2003   12:24
Seeker Seeker SeekerAndrewM71/26/2003   21:40
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