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Language And ThoughtStephen Larson101/18/2003   20:03
Why didn't the universe do it?Fulvio291/25/2003   17:43
Neural Networks questionGregg Jackson31/23/2003   20:29
What If... Part 2Helios42/9/2010   11:04
What if....Helios171/15/2003   15:52
Programming intentionality and willRob Hoogers212/28/2002   10:55
question for YakiAndrewM812/29/2002   22:29
Jokes and AISam Fentress1911/18/2003   09:33
Life is not mathematical!journalman612/22/2002   06:20
Searle makes my skin crawlAndrewM341/12/2003   11:20
Let's forget about consciousness (among other things)Rob Hoogers1512/21/2002   16:34
Why English is tough to learnRaphael123/9/2007   22:09
Deduction, Induction, and...?Ted Warring104/2/2003   08:42
Robotic BiologyShadow981111/8/2002   20:23
Nature vs Nurturesabink38/19/2003   17:36
Human Memoryguille210/26/2002   06:34
total recalldeborah3012/21/2002   14:57
Consciousness of LifeEmily Lynn1812/19/2002   20:09
Parallels with autismdeborah410/3/2003   18:30
predictive conversationDENIS ESHIET211/7/2003   00:10
Computer thoughtNick127/24/2004   06:56
Dreams (long)HeartView58/18/2002   07:48
artificial intelligence vs. the bibleandrew sheldon199/9/2004   07:42
I want to be your friend!Liu Weichao85/1/2002   16:28
child behaviorfiller27/9/2002   06:07
artificial intelligenceSherlyn gabuya72/9/2002   12:46
Children's language acquisition.Charles Wright41/10/2002   14:55
Kasparov's IntelligenceLior Fainshil212/19/2002   22:19
Is it possible for people who can't see,feel,taste ...I79/16/2002   09:06
NLP and AI using a Constructed Language?Lou Minatti211/19/2001   17:42
Is Chomsky Evil?mindpixel294/29/2004   19:46
NLP programsScott Jensen310/23/2001   19:49
How computers or machines can generate Natural Language?z4zubair912/20/2002   00:22
When AIs get madaliceinwonder412/12/2002   14:43
Shaka, When the Walls FellMightyMaus53/12/2007   09:47
Teaching a childhsek4104/22/2002   00:05
Speech Act Theory and the Mysterious Force of ...aqua42/16/2004   18:42
Why Machine Persons?calypsoparakeet2212/9/2002   17:54
Postmodernismyaki59/23/2001   02:33
Brain Cells Used to Make Working Semiconductorjfrooz39/9/2001   13:30
Why a first language sticks aroundJean49/19/2001   17:39
Why Markov chains?Aponar Kestrel612/20/2002   05:01
Machine Consciousness - Why Worry? miya253/18/2003   23:46
Science Fiction 101michelle109/24/2002   15:06
How do we know what we need when ...grae38/28/2001   22:44
Sleep Compressionabi431312/20/2002   17:24
how does aneuron work?Apollyon412/20/2002   05:32
Can intelligence be measured through conversation?nettag1912/4/2001   01:22
Instant Conceptionaqua610/8/2001   10:53
Mind altering drugs (and what we can learn ...Tara1212/7/2002   14:08
Reality to modify consciousnesscronodragon28/27/2001   12:37
How far can computer generated actors go?david58/28/2001   15:20
What's with all the tecno-utopia?michelle28/25/2001   15:20
Kanzi - the talking apemichelle48/25/2001   00:31
communication with animalscalypsoparakeet1112/13/2001   09:30
Your all time favorite AI heronettag65/27/2004   16:55
The pros and cons of speech interfaceAmpersand410/24/2001   07:54
CyberPunk and AIDaniel1112/27/2002   19:55
The Diamond Ageaqua311/1/2001   08:18
The seat of the selfaliceinwonder78/28/2001   22:29
The selfawareness net?Daniel48/23/2001   10:57
"mommy bringed me the bottle and we wented ...momof31312/17/2002   04:17
when gorillas go mad, they go madErden Yerejyan92/9/2010   09:27
Will consciousness ever arise in machines?ampersand3411/2/2002   16:38
Artificial EvoloutionAmpersand162/6/2003   12:34
Best book on consciousnessripplestone612/10/2003   03:17
Can materialism explain subjective experience?aqua48/28/2001   02:33
robot name finderaliceinwonder811/4/2001   04:38
to download your brain click herejfrooz295/28/2004   14:19
Do we need language to think?Ampersand225/27/2004   17:05
Natural Born Cyborgsnettag410/31/2001   09:16
Is Deckard a replicant?Miya69/20/2002   15:21
Why can't computers understand?aqua711/4/2005   19:39
Galatea 2.2Aqua38/17/2001   20:50
Is it wrong to turn off a "conscious" ...Jeffreyt Marlin1512/20/2002   00:32
Do you ever talk to your computer?Paul102/9/2010   09:33
Spielberg's A.I.Paul1612/28/2001   02:21
What will happen when computers can speak?Paul184/22/2006   15:41
What is consciousness?nettag332/9/2010   10:22
Artificial Intelligence as it should benettag1710/3/2002   23:20
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