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Topic: Cocktail Mixer AI

posted 12/16/2015  08:44Send e-mail to userReply with quote
So i'm working on this problem to concoct cocktails.

The data files looks as follow for several recipes. (this is just some of the dataheaders)


I was thinking about approaching as follow.

1. Group the data per ingredient linked to the style.(group includes, ingredient, quantity and cooking method)
2. Work out the probability using Bayes Theorem for each group to appear in the specific style.
3. Train model based on the recipes and probability.
4. Apply model, user gives style and then it will automatically concoct a cocktail.

I've chosen to use groupings per ingredient instead of using the individual variables for every recipe and style, would this be considered as a bad choice?

How would you have approached this instead?

posted 12/16/2015  08:57Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Eh, did you read my post here where i said, that the elite wants us to believe that people are concrete mixers. This is a very similar idea ;)

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