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Topic: (software) finally getting this bot together

posted 1/1/2016  15:30Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I hope to get this thing either working or failed by 4th january.

Its a markov chain environmental simulation, teamed up with a babbling genetic algorythm, this is the style ive been cooking up over the last 3 or so years. and now its finally going in because im running out of time.

I figure if this thing makes sense, then i can get the thing walking around and operating in space, because its all just temporal patterns, everything, words or movement.

In 3 space I need to first extract it from a webcam, but I have that handled with a very similar system, that happens prior to this.

heres a view of the main function loop->

void run_autodrone(AUTODRONE& autodrone)
make_scene(autodrone); //this inserts the sensor

playback(autodrone, 1);
//so we need to grab what he said from the playback scene, so it has to make a scene, it makes one detailed frame, which is one letter in front.
//while hes listening, (which might not be happening at first.) he doesnt type anything, because its waiting.
//the thing is here, if there is no pattern in the system for whats there, we will morph to the closest one, with the eye on it, it will use the
//ids to get the closest matching "terrain."

train(autodrone); //this trains the pattern, including what it did.
//especially note here i have a basic classing system and a more experimental synonym detector, which will take 2 very different patterns and make them the same class due to a similar environment.

//especially note when taken to graphics itll find synonyms in the graphics the same way.

//playback for babble generation
uint i;
playback(autodrone, graftsize);

logic(autodrone); //this is just a primitively aimed swaperoo for the time being.

posted 1/2/2016  05:50Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Thanks Tkoorvi for keeping the forum decent, just keep bootin those spammers off, and ill have another demo to show you guys. pretty damn good chatbot, but thats not why its important, its important because it works with graphics (moving shapes) as well.

off i go...

posted 1/2/2016  23:21Send e-mail to userReply with quote
ive got half the code in now... now for the other half.

posted 1/3/2016  04:08Send e-mail to userReply with quote
AW, cut me in on some of the action pawwoutnawarrrr!


posted 1/7/2016  19:37Send e-mail to userReply with quote
ok im a bit late. im back on the 8th, and its nowhere near done due to lots of frickin technical difficulties in my brain. god damn indian mystics have plugged me bum, retented willy and phased out my short term memory, so things got a little tricky -> but ive got this now quite to my suprise, i thought i was going to be a vegetable for sure.

posted 1/11/2016  15:35Send e-mail to userReply with quote
ok still going.

i had a mental breakdown, but im back kicking again.

sorry for the delays.

ive tidied up the design a bit, im using a software ring oscillator to time the word hierarchy, that truncs out an interleaved letter each time, to keep the key the same size for more and more data represented.

done that bit, but it aint fully working yet.

I bring it back by introducing detail with a fixed context size. (enhancing it back) havent quite done it yet, but thats the idea.

(small update)

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posted 1/13/2016  08:48Send e-mail to userReply with quote

posted 1/16/2016  16:09Send e-mail to userReply with quote
finally got it generating. (only in a small way) im sorry I got mind blasted and I couldnt think straight for about a week!!!!

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