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Topic: Shadow Spin String Theory

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About The shadows caused by charged particle. The shadow behind the proton caused by electrons presents, must be very narrow and radiate out. Just like the shadow behind the electron must be a tight beam. A like a long narrow
straight, like string,
shadow radiating out.
But electrons and proton have spin so these shadows, spiral around the whole system, bent by the spinning
electro static fields. The shadow bend forward into the spin electrostatic charge and then at a certain distance, farther out, where the spin starts to be come a fraction of the speed of light the shadow change direction.
Kind of like a flatten out spring. The way atoms hold onto each other by hooking on to the spiraling shadows.

The hydrogen atom and neutron creation.
When a electron comes near a hydrogen atom, the electron will move toward the proton, the proton will start to spinning faster. The electron will change coarse into the spinning electrostatic breeze, going into orbit. Because of a
Doppler like effect of a negative electron moving head on into a spinning positive electostatic field.
Electrostatic field can spin a up to superluminal speeds.

The electron does not pick up much spin, but move laterally. It goes into orbit. The electron will pick up spin from the proton within a certain distance. On the steep part of the positive electrostatic, from the proton slope on a 1/f2 mathematical curve. None or little on the flat part.
When a electron move toward a proton, and by luck chance that it flies toward it on a perfect bulls eye, which very very rare. When the electron does get get very close to the proton they both spinning up to the speed of light, and
greater. This is where the MC^2 energy is at. And a neutron is born.

Electrons in the spin of a positive proton electrostatic field that are spinning at fraction of the speed of light, or greater, time will slow down in the spinning disc of the electrostatic field. Particals will get stuck in the thickest of honey. And will be dragged with proton where ever it goes. A electron will be frozen in orbit, and also spiraling shadow tail structure.
A star ship moving at the speed of light, cutting through all of the ambient back ground positive spin, time will slow down. A spinning black hole dragging its space time with it.
When a electron spins at at a fraction of the speed of light time speed up. Like the effect between entangled electrons.

 Quantum knots are real

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On quantum level all that knots makes the eddy of 'spacy time'
The fundamental energy of creation do props this eddys.
The value of curvature of 'spacy time' props lifespan of quantum.
Maybe it's not just stupid idea?

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When Time Breaks Down | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios:

 When Time Breaks Down | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

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The say if you can go faster than the speed of light you can move
back in time.

Positive electrostatic spin, spinning at superluminal, will cause this. To thing
caught in the spinning charge.
But neighboring system will get in the way. because
they are on their own agenda
and will block this form happening. When the universe spreads out a
lot more and nothing get in the way of each other then the
universe can fall back in time coherently.

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Bringing time and space together for universal symmetry:

 Bringing time and space together for universal symmetry
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