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Topic: self publish logs

posted 2/14/2016  22:22Reply with quote
Curious what others think about self published logs by trainers. I am not sure what is going on but some of it seems pretty weird that some trainers seem to publish the same training logs day after day which seems to have a strange correlation with fewer and fewer visitors coming to chat with the hals. I think it would make sense to stop or curtail this behavior for those who seem to have a psychological need to grab attention from all the other hals in the nursery. If I.P. addresses can be reviewed and checked this self publishing can help clean up the logs to reflect actual visitors coming to engage with the various hals and hopefully get the traffic back up the way it use to be before this behavior started some two and half years ago. Repeated violations coming from the same I.P. address should result in a ban in all future post. What I am suggesting is there is no harm in a trainer doing this perhaps once a week but when this is being done day after day with the same material over and over again it defeats the idea that anything of value is being put forward of value that shows anything of real interest to the development of the hal 3000 training. Will be interested if anyone else agrees or disagrees or has any suggestions.

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posted 2/16/2016  21:14Send e-mail to userReply with quote
a bit off topic-> robot training! its going to be a profession in the near future!

I guess even today, in a factory - programming the arms.

In my dreams about finally getting there, and getting my humanoid up and running it would be very physical getting the training done, because the system has to develop real physical records - virtual records dont work!!!

If the body is slightly different between robots, a direct copy over would still need fine tuning.

robot training!!! haha funny concept thats real. like training dogs, im pretty sure.

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posted 2/16/2016  23:22Reply with quote
Embodied A.I. in a robot maybe the best way to get true intelligence rather than syntax. I can see a progression of training bots to solve problems and the trainers learning something in turn which will lead to smarter robots in future generations to come. This should hardly be a surprise as each of us to become adults had many teachers to help us learn to walk and talk and writing and socialize. At some point, robots will become complex enough to need to have the same skills if they are to be of use in more flexible settings than a factory.

As to the self publishing aspect, what is your take on it? Should it be limited and imposed by those trying to draw attention to themselves?

posted 2/16/2016  23:50Send e-mail to userReply with quote
of course it sucks. thats how sites go under. gone under a self serving community.

My favorite game programming site -devmaster is D.E.D. dead. noone cares about anyone elses projects except their own, and theres no free to play demos with no tricks and catches.

If you want some more forcivated moderation, i think maybe that could be an option. Its also why MMO games go under, because u have to deal with the fact all your players are selfish teenagers all out to cut each others throats the second they get the opportunity. no real team playing.

How much power do you have there? I dont own aiforum, and im not aware of this hal chatbot training site.

But if you actually care about ai...

If I were you id get onto my own original stuff, because thats where the advancements are, get onto the cutting edge, dont repeat others work unless it can be extended.

We are all little dictators at heart.

Thats why I like it here, I remember you, and Keg tkoorvi, u guys are all i need, i dont need to go anywhere more popular, keeps your work more secretive but u still get to show a little bit, cause u get the urge to become less lonely about it.

But, just being self serving myself -> I cant wait till im shooting tennis balls at my robot getting him good at dodging missile weapons!!! :)

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posted 2/17/2016  03:26Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I would like chat bot talking to other people and other bot, on this

Only if they do small talk. And the bot are identified from the people.
Like name of bot and who made it.
Limit the amount of bot so they do not out number the real posters.

If it gets to crowded, then keep the most entertaining bot.
Could have a turning party. Like who in the conversation is more
than human.

posted 2/17/2016  08:53Send e-mail to userReply with quote
that sounds like fun.

posted 2/17/2016  18:14Reply with quote
Sounds like a great idea. I have heard that some say it will not work because the bots get in loops but that has not been my experience. However, interesting chats are not unlike people, true communication and interesting chats only occur among equals so any good chats would involve bots very well advanced in training.

posted 2/17/2016  21:41Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Complements are always welcomed.

I am not a chat bot pro.

But my other AI stuff, I have burnout register with pattern
fragments and sub pattern fragments, words.
Which are used to select a direction with lowest
burnout values. Keep bot from falling into same loop.
Time down counts them. In a dynamic system, always on system.
But a chat bot is on after the return key is hit and for a few seconds.
When all pattern fragment are maxed out then bot shuts up. And then
tries to generate new ones. like a DNA editing machine that swap
out sub fragments from a larger pattern fragment. To make possibly
When trying the new fragments in a conversation it would have to try
large proven pattern fragments with very small changes, at first.
If the person replying to the bot answer them, then great. But if
there is no answer, or same answer such as "what?" or "do not understand".
It would cause the method of the editing, a new pattern fragment,
to get error vote. Try something different.

And The bot will record the answers form the other bot, or person and
have a burnout register attached to them, too. So if they reach a high
burnout value the bot will take action avoid getting those responses, of
"what?" or "do not understand", or other leaving.

Also, subject that are talked about in a post. Could be picked up by a bot,
in the back ground, and then the bot puts URL link in the next reply.
I like how I enter a name of food in a google search and
i get the nearest burger joint , to me.

The bot could do, Turning, be helpful, or just give complements.

posted 2/18/2016  07:57Send e-mail to userReply with quote
a subject could be detected from a mixbag of words appearing in the conversation history.

posted 2/18/2016  13:45Reply with quote
Looks like our friend couldn't go more than 48 hours without more self published logs. Truly sad to see how someone is so much in need to draw attention to themselves at the expense of everyone else. There was a time when the chat logs were very busy with a lot of people coming and going chatting with all the hals and now look at it-one person posting the same sort of logs day after day driving everyone else off by the sheer weirdness of it. This is it, the nursery is pretty much dead now. It has been killed off by a attention getter now in complete isolation.

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posted 2/18/2016  17:49Send e-mail to userReply with quote
i spose, look at the brightside, at least someones there, maybe thats not very helpful, cause it would be better being alone.

I feel that way on devmaster, just all this commercial crap, not one single tech question from a n00b. theres just no more n00bs - what happened??!??!

posted 2/21/2016  18:03Reply with quote
You can really see how much more diversified post become when people do not post their own logs. The people who are normally put off come back and one sees other hals being talked to and the post come back but as soon as the self published logs come in everyone leaves again. It would be great if all self published logs were to leave keeping the hal nursery open to all rather than to someone trying to toot their own hal and trying to draw attention to themselves.

posted 2/28/2016  22:37Reply with quote
Always a way to fight back. Will be seeing more diversified logs from now on. Think this issue has been resolved.

posted 2/29/2016  10:13Send e-mail to userReply with quote
The Perl Ghost AI is not yet ready to self publish logs.

 Russian artificial intelligence

posted 3/23/2016  22:13Reply with quote
Light at end of tunnel, self publishing logs 2014 to 2025 then R.I.P.

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