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Topic: Okay, okay, since the Feast of Winter Veil has come,

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I must confess, I'm a little worried about the winter Grandpa's small partners, reindeer Mason. You will think, after so many years of trouble and setbacks, it must be understood in the winter grandfather did not go out when it should not go on in curiosity wandering Azeroth, this will only bring trouble, but gosh ,Do not! This time it has not learned the lessons of the past is gone, hanging around with the wrong way to go, the result was arrested again! Alterac in a cave in the mountains, there lived a man named nasty Grinch big guy. It guarded the cave was full of energy fun this holiday tree ornament, toys, watch, and the winding puppy? But the most tragic is that outside the cave. You guessed it, where the wooden bar closed most famous reindeer: Mason! Give me some time to get rid of those who laughed at! Alas, poor Mason. Now you may be wondering about the pet what to do with battle training. Well, you see, my grandfather had an agreement and winter. He knows who is naughty and who is good, I know. The main reason is that he and his team could not beat my team. Haha! This year, he requested help repay and his beloved dog, every day, wandering in the cave reindeer related. As a reward for your kind help, he promised Feast of Winter Veil to send you some gifts, you might get a mini version of the reindeer. Faced with the Grinch make you stronger, right? ! In short we all know, Mason's curiosity as much ...... Well, the cat. If you successfully helped Grandpa winter, you can get a mini version of the reindeer. Have a winter reindeer behind your team, you can use it's quiet and honk to help your team to victory, or a collision with a heavy hooves and head to let your opponents fear memory when the Grinch thought of facing it. During the festival watching this little guy now! When the weather gets warmer it can not continue to stay there. Metzen the Red-Faced Reindeer Had a very shiny nose, And if you ever saw it, You would even say... Hey, wait, it is going? !Official blue posts Boss field uda Costa blood chop half

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I couldn't delete this, too nicely written. Sometimes their text writing bot does a good work it seems. Don't go to the link though, it's most likely scam, and you may get some malware into your computer.

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