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Topic: Lord Jargon's wondering thoughts

posted 3/29/2016  10:43Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Where is advanced ai today? What is around us that we ignore, except when we rebrand it as malware? Why does my tin foil hat seem so small?

In the small world I'd like to live in, only friends would see me, but now there are program's attempting to recognize my picture, and succeeding! Abusing Facebook, hacking into my smartphone, knowing my location, they even use my brand new Curved TV to listen in on me! In the name being wary of anything Anti American, the entire world is under watch of a collecting, data mining, intrusive, AI Program.

Snowden released that years ago, so what's new, and why does anyone care?

There ain't no perpetual motion machines, and you'll know AI aren't that either. They require input, and they give out prepared output, and its all logically correct, and things will seem in place.........until it deals with current things, like the 2016 election year in the US. A whole college of thought flipped over, all the input made rubbish. AI is making strong in improvements in GO, but it seems all predictions towards the Weather or Politics are Fuzzy at best.

There already is this predictive picture over your head. The weather man, he's helped by "AI" every day, and He is wrong every day it matters to you that he shouldn't be, except when he is right. I'm just saying, to make a point, that even if you make a human like AI, it doesn't mean it will be any more correct than if your local weather man was made a machine. It's today's technology, and when it talks about the weather, there's a good chance it won't be right.

There are all these "AI's", they can be called "apps". These "apps" are devious things, often asking for your identity, gps location, and web viewing habits amongst else. They weaken a normal persons idea of what they should sign, to the point they would click "next" as long as it continues the thing, "after all, I bought it", after that who cares.

This behavior invites bad electronic things. There are people driving around your neighborhood right now as I write this, accessing your internet and downloading unspeakable things. Look outside as they park in front of your house, and then watch their confusion when you unplug your internet and plug it back it a minute later, looking out your window, daring yourself that this is really happening. The criminal stares at the laptop, wondering when the internet will kick in, and you know the police will never arrive by the time this guy leaves. Where is the AI that is supposed to be protecting you? Where is the AI that can be actively against these people?

I think security is a big issue with AI. I mean, imagine if Hillary Clinton would have had a present day technology helper AI helping her with her emails. It would have taken care of everything, right?

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posted 3/31/2016  11:31Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I agree that if someone finishes a successful automation/a.i. algorythm it causes huge security problems.

posted 4/14/2016  02:58Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Is there a reason why OS kernels couldn't be made to adapt on an FPGA to enable a more secure system?

All I read about are stack overflows and how simple programs take extremely long to prove secure.

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