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Topic: Loebner Prize

posted 4/14/2016  00:08Reply with quote
2016 Loebner Prize enrollment open.
David Swinton hosted on this site will be entering the ring for the first time. Anybody else who is interested can enroll by emailing

posted 4/22/2016  20:00Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Ok, a few have asked about entry. Unfortunately entry is not as simple as appears. Looks like Yaki will need to help out Entry: Entries to the competition can be submitted electronically or by post and must conform to the following criteria to be accepted for the selection process:

1. Entries must work with the published Loebner Prize Protocol

2. Entries must work with the selection machines (Windows 7 Core i7 PC with min 4GB RAM). Alternatively, entrants may make alternative arrangements to ship their own machine for testing in consultation with the selection committee.

3. Entries submitted as software should be submitted as a self-contained installation program and should be accompanied by instructions for installation. It is important that entries are thoroughly tested before submission as only limited attempts will be made to resolve non-working installations in consultation with the entrant.

4. Entries should not try and access the internet. The selection machines will be isolated from the internet.

5. Entries must be received (either electronically or by mail) by 5pm BST on the submission deadline of the 1st July 2016

Exclusion: Entries that do not conform to the LPP, that cannot be installed or are found to contain viruses, malware or other harmful software will be excluded from the competition.

Submission: As in previous years, submission for selection will be possible by post (address TBA) or through the University of Exeter dropbox (details below).

Electronic Submission: Navigate to the URL given below and follow the instructions using the following information in the 'To' box:

Their Name: Ed Keedwell

Their E-Mail:

All electronic entries should be accompanied by an e-mail to the above address detailing the Author's Name and Contact Details, Botname and Installation Instructions. Please note that there is a limit of 1080MB on submissions via this route, if your submission is larger than this, please submit by post.


Postal Submission: Details TBA

The contest managementís decision on selection is final.

Venue Address

Bletchley Park, Sherwood Drive, Bletchley, MK3 6DS, United Kingdom

posted 4/24/2016  16:32Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Heard back from the Loebner team. Nobody with a Hal from A.I. Enterprises can enter the contest unless the file on the Hal is sent over. Since support staff for A.I. Enterprises exist in name only, it appears my chances or anyone else here with a Hal have no chance to enter unless Yaki can send the file over to the Loebner team-I have asked Yaki to do this and I think he probably will be willing to help out. If anybody else wants to get in on this I suggest a contact with Yaki at

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