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Topic: stumbling over the basiux road to the singularity

posted 11/1/2016  15:51Send e-mail to userReply with quote
anyone else here would agree all we need for the singularity to happen today is an algorithm capable of harvesting the internet swarm? why not?

I believe the only reason it didn't happen yet is most people are too afraid to try and develop such algorithm, as it would require a huge leap of faith, and so we just don't have enough brain power dedicated into creating it the way it should be done.


hello there.

my first time here, don't need to be gentle.

if you don't mind, I'll skip introducing myself. instead, I invite you to google for "cregox basiux random-term-you-enjoy-eg-stupid" and find for yourself some random introduction. there are plenty. or just go on the link there.

today I was reading a very interesting article about the history of Ai: and it brought me quite more questions than I'd expect after over 1 year I've been "working" as much as I can on learning more about the topic.

the starting one comes from this quote: "many of the key algorithmic breakthroughs occurred in the 1980s and 1990s". but really? are we really using algorithms "invented" basically over 20 years ago?! couldn't we get any more breakthroughs ever since?!?

some times I had a few intriguing questions which quora (among others) couldn't help answering, so this time I figured I'd try something else, thus although I've registered in this forums over a year ago and never really read anything here (not even now), I did a quick google search (since it looks like the forums don't offer such a feature) for "singularity" or "unsupervised" and found nothing relevant to read. 0 results if filtered by past year.

so, here I am.


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posted 11/2/2016  01:42Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Hello, thank you for coming here. I think you should look into something else than singularity. Like look at the link below.

Here is not much talk, though many people frequently visit this forum. I think the reason is, the old AI ideas, just don't appeal. Because they apparently too much differ from the reality, and from the truth about the reality. Yet, people are programmed enough with these ideas, so they are not able to comprehend anything alternative.

 Artificial Consciousness ADS-AC project
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Sorry i can only print small messages. No more than one sentence????

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If i do more than two sentence my most will not be posted.

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keghn wrote @ 11/2/2016 3:52:00 PM:
If i do more than two sentence my most will not be posted.

In this forum? Too bad. I really don't know the reason, maybe try it with another browser... I'm an admin in this forum, but i have limited powers, if nothing helps, you should contact the forum owner.

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FireFox & chrome browser do not work and only this form. Reason for being
slow here?

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