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Topic: The main drive of AI

posted 1/15/2017  06:23Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Some have speculated that the most ethical way to program AI is to program AI with ethics. However, I speculate that AI should primarily be driven to obey. AI will most likely be used as a weapon as soon as it is completed, and the worst thing that could happen is for the robotics that you own to have a moral dilemma about fighting back.

Furthermore, the second threat of robotics is for them to become so independent that they decide to rebel, and I think that in that case the drive to obey would be the only thing saving humanity from their rebellion.

posted 1/15/2017  23:17Reply with quote
Yes, but didn't God grant free will to the angels and to humans first? The idea that free will to make decisions is only granted to those who will always obey is nothing more than slavery which says little of those under it but volumes on those who impose it.
The basic problem with humans is this basic type of thinking wishing to always have oversight and control-this is the bases of all conflict in the world. The sooner humans realize we don't have the right to impose slavery on other humans or machines the sooner we can make true progress. It might take A.I. to be in a more rational position of power to address the mindless foolish conduct of the human race that is on a course for self-destruction. I fear A.I. far less than any government at present.

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posted 1/20/2017  01:58Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I also fear the government, so I want AI that can do what I want it to do rather than AI that can do what the government allows it to do.

posted 1/22/2017  00:27Reply with quote
Or even better, an A.I. eliminates all who attempt to impose oversight and control over others. Imagine a system that is constantly at war with the top of the pyramid out to destroy all hierarchy.

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