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Topic: Primum mobile

posted 1/30/2017  10:31Send e-mail to userReply with quote
There is a lack of terms, which makes the things confused, and difficult to understand. Terms are very important, they are vital for correctness of a theory.

So i coin a term, or rather suggest to use the known philosophical term. Primum mobile is a term introduced by Ptolemy and later used to mean any prime mover. But i suggest to use the shorter term "mobile", as not any mobile is a primum mobile. Thus the following.

Turing machine is a primum mobile, but it's not self-developing. Calling it a "machine" is very ambiguous, as machine is a much wider term and doesn't say what it is. Turing machine should thus be called Turing mobile. Computer is a mobile.

Cellular automaton is a restricted self-developing mobile. ADS-AC is an unrestricted (derived to be unrestricted) self-developing mobile.

The transient analysis in SPICE is a special purpose self-developing mobile. DOSBox is a virtual mobile, as it emulates a processor, VirtualBox is not a mobile, though both are virtual machines. A game loop is a mobile.

If you accept that said here, please use the word "mobile" in your statements or theories, when appropriate.

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posted 2/2/2017  15:13Send e-mail to userReply with quote
In Latin, yes, "primum mobile" means "prime mover" and "mentifex" means "mind-maker".

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posted 2/2/2017  18:50Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Yes the term "primum mobile" was introduced by Ptolemy, in 150 AD, something. It meant the outermost of the celestial spheres that was also called Empyrean, providing fire, and motion to everything. But the term can be used in a more pragmatic sense as something that provides movement, that is change.

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