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Topic: New kid on the block - Ryskamp Learning Machine

posted 4/11/2017  06:07Send e-mail to userReply with quote

If you have time, I would like to encourage you to try our Ryskamp Learning Machine (RLM) engine in your AI endeavors.

Ryskamp Learning Machine (RLM) is a machine learning engine which improves upon the traditional machine learning in many different ways and focuses on a more logical approach. In fact, we have highlighted 7 Breakthroughs of the RLM that explains how our engine is different and better:
1. Calculates faster
2. Categorization, pattern recognition and specific memory in the same algorithm
3. Accuracy
4. Solves a wider variety of problem sets
5. Uses a fraction of your hardware
6. Ability to track every event for easy diagnostics
7. Simple configuration

To learn more about the breakthroughs, visit our site here: where you can also get the source code, documentations and example apps.

I personally suggest that you watch our Machine Learning Challenges first to get an idea on the RLM and know how we stacked up against other machine learning engines such as Tensorflow and Encog:

If you need help or have any inquiries, you may reach out to me here or through my email.

Thank You

For the entire license details please refer to this document:

 Ryskamp Learning Machine Code Page

posted 4/11/2017  09:52Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I don't like the big picture in that site, it looks like advertising a new shampoo

 Artificial Consciousness ADS-AC project

posted 4/12/2017  05:06Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Thanks for the feedback, I apologize that it gave that impression. I'll talk with our team and improve upon what you said. I appreciate your comment.

 Ryskamp Learning Machine Code Page
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