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Topic: Harmony, Complexity, and Chaos in a image

posted 12/16/2017  18:31Send e-mail to userReply with quote
A edge detector algorithm based on chaos, complexity, and harmony.
But fist detecting complexity and chaos.
A image is divided up into squares.
One square is selected, and the average value is found. That square is divided
into two. One of those half's is is selected. The average value is found.
I there is not difference in average values at each level then there is no complexity
in this square. And need to check the other half too.

Taking the original image that is broken into squares. A complexity value is given
to each square. A pair of squares that have different complexity numbers between
them means a edge is there.

posted 12/17/2017  15:16Send e-mail to userReply with quote
This information may be of value for AI Mind Maintainers.

 AI Mind Maintainer
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