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Topic: Keghn’s Conscious AGI Machine

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Keghn’s Conscious AGI Machine

My complete AGI model, and completer person theory, uses video, for its data. With
extra information at the bottom of the video frame.
Machine consciousness is file pointer through video memory. And a pointer that
can also move around on a single frame of video. as shown:

I call this pointer of consciousness the main"Focus".
There is the mechanical focus, which is bound to the current video frame. And
then there is the conscious focus, that can be on the current video frame, or
can file through recorded video, or reconstructed video, or predicted video.

The next step are:
Reconstruct video based on there atomic pieces.
Make repeating sequential of video into pattern loops. So re enforce learning can be applied.
Build a 3 d model of the world. With a 3 D physics engine.
With this 3 D model become self aware!

From the hard copy video object are picked out and then the video memory is rebuilt with small
pieces. So that object can be tracked. And outline of objects can be track as the morph in to different
outlines in other frames. All thing in video memory are paired with a weight. That would be outline of
object and position of object. This way to focus on a object all frames weight are set to zero. All weight of
other object outside the focus are set zero. And now the machine is consciously focusing on a object.
To compare is to focus on two different things and then change the weights until one matches the other.
The amount of change in weight is the distance to the other. Same thing can done with two different
position of two objects. So now we have a measurement instrument for measurement of change by way of
use of motor or where the wind blows us.

The AGI uses a 3 d physics engine and running two or more videos on top of each other and using
stop, fast forward, play, and rewind, control make a new video that is not confusing.
This system is used to become self aware. and have feelings for others.

Becoming self aware.

With a 3 D physics engine and video editing the agi can create it own internal 3 D simulator. To
operate. This simulator operate at light speed.

When i was 5 and chased a butter fly my legs just
worked. I do not remember learning how to run. So a human internal 3 D simulator will have to be
fully developed by the age of 4 or 5 years. And will be a automatically reflex at light speed.

in the simulator AGI and take on the role as a invisible ghost. And can be in the same place of other
people. The AGI literally look out of the eyes of other person.
Then the other person does a task of some sort. From beginning to end. The AGI ghost follow along
and does the task in it own way and not all the difference.
The difference is a error function. Each “other” person will have there own unique value to identify
them. if The AGI followed its self from past recorded video as ghost. There would be a error of
zero. It would be looking in a mirror

AGI kid would learn form its parent in this fashion. And would learn to model there parents.
This modeling will Imprint into the AGI’s second reward system. It is a automated reward system.
So when it decided to become an adult, it will be rewarding for it to be like, a clone of, its father.


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They are coming around to my way of thinking.

Building Machines That Learn and Think Like People | Two Minute Papers #223:

 Building Machines That Learn and Think Like People | Two Minute Papers #223

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keghn wrote @ 1/6/2018 6:30:00 PM:
Keghn’s Conscious AGI Machine
Machine consciousness is file pointer through video memory.

In many ways consciousness is the searchlight of attention.


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Machine Learning & Neuroscience:

 Machine Learning & Neuroscience

posted 3/3/2018  08:45Send e-mail to userReply with quote
The AI Mind is approaching consciousness.

 Towards AI Consciousness

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Each AI Mind has its own level of consciousness.

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