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Topic: Unsupervised Learning 2018_02_25

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Unsupervised Learning 2018_02_25

First is to find repeating pattern in a data stream or a recorded data stream.
Then repeating patterns are found by using any of the following three methods:

1). Look in two different locations in the data for matching data.

2). Have a data generate generate data and then go look for it in the data.

3). Have the weights of a neural network randomly set.
Then have it search through the data.
If it does detect something, then a internal generator generates random data.
The small NN looks at generator's out put. When the NN
see the right data it activates and the data is saved, and paired with detector.

The generators of data starts small and then move on to greater size and complexity.
The detector NN start small and then grows to greater size and complexity.

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keghn wrote @ 2/25/2018 8:49:00 PM:
Unsupervised Learning 2018_02_25

Unsupervised Auditory Recognition module learns new words.

 AudRecog Module of Mentifex
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