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Topic: Creating a Bot using AiML

posted 7/27/2010  21:01Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Hey guys i am new at AI things, could you help me with several question i like to ask?

Heres my question:
1. What do I Need to create a Bot like A.L.I.C.E?
2. Does it Integrated with some Database?
3. I need some tutorial for my reference, did you have it?
4. I'd like to create it on C#..

Sorry for to much asking, i am new in this forum.. :)

posted 8/8/2010  00:24Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I'm using C++ to create a bot named Lucid. I am using the file stream capabilities of C++. C# is only good for making Microsoft related things. I recommend you switch your programming language.

posted 8/8/2010  17:14Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Oooh.. really? but does C++ only got a command prompt interfaces? I Want to make it had a good interface.. Anyway, did you use .aiml file to do your work? How can you make it dynamic learn from us?

posted 8/8/2010  21:07Send e-mail to userReply with quote
C++ itself has no GUI, use Qt, ohh, when it's C++. Qt, well, i hate its signals and slots which are there only to compensate the stupid rules in C++ for using function pointers as class methods, and because of which Qt generates many rubbish files. But still, Qt is the best C++ cross-platform open source GUI library. Use GTK with C, but unfortunately GTK has a very small number of users.

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posted 8/9/2010  07:30Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Guys, could you gave me the tutorial to create aiml based AI? In C#.. Do you have some?

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