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Topic: When loged in?

posted 2/8/2011  00:58Send e-mail to userReply with quote
When loged in, how do i go to chat with the bot? im new to this and im not real sure how to go to while loged in.. Like i go to the Forums and it has topics to talk about but i have no idea how to get to chat with Alan or alias or any of them like i do when im not loged in. So can someone please help me?
Thank- You,

posted 2/8/2011  01:11Reply with quote
and its sooo slow at loading when not loged in and just on the home screen!!!!!!!!!! a friend of mine got me going to this thing and i think its fun to talk to a program but then again the bot gets confusing. but other than that im good at talkin to it i just wish i knew how to chat with the bot loged in and why its taken forever to load and my compiter says theres an error and that its done.... grr can this be fixed or is it something else???

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