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Topic: Chatbot Battles Competition 2012

posted 4/26/2012  14:57Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Calling all botmasters!

Sadly, the Chatterbox Challenge is no longer with us and the conditions for entering the Loebner Prize are prohibitive to most botmasters (especially to those outside the USA). This has left no way for most people with a chatbot to compare its performance against others.

To remedy this, I would like to announce the first in a series of Chatbot Battles, in which each entrant goes head to head with opponents in a league table/knockout format similar to the soccer World Cup. The main difference between this and other contests held in the past is that each entrant is judged on both question and answering abilities and also on how well they can carry out a normal conversation. Also, the bots do not have to pretend they are human to score extra marks. All chatbots are welcome to enter, whether they be web-based, downloadable, chatroom based or even Android apps.

Unfortunately, I do not have a sponsor and so the contest is currently just for bragging rights and kudos, although I may give some small prizes like T-shirts, mousemats and mugs away to the winners. If you would like to sponsor the competition, please contact me.

The closing date for entries is 1st June 2012 and the battles will start shortly afterwards.

Find out more at

Let battle commence!

posted 4/29/2012  21:10Send e-mail to userReply with quote
That's good, the Loebner Prize with its most primitive (mis)interpretation of the Turing test does not indeed provide the right rules for contest.

posted 6/1/2012  10:52Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Don't forget it's the last day to enter today. We have 35 bots so far taking part but there's still room for more if you wish to make a last minute entry. Remember, each botmaster can enter up to 3 bots.

posted 7/24/2012  00:39Send e-mail to userReply with quote
The tournament has come to and end and the winner is Davidswinton from this very site!
Congratulations to Jim Koch of the USA on beating 41 other entrants to take the title.
The top 4 bots this year were:

1) Davidswinton - Jim Koch
2) Skynet-AI - Ken Hurtubise
3) Talking Angela - Bruce Wilcox
4) Elbot - Fred Roberts

Details of all the placings can be found on the history page.

Talking Angela also won the prize for the best 15 minute conversation in her battle with Davidswinton.
Both of her two conversations scored 14 out of 15, so congratulations to Bruce Wilcox of the USA on his excellent work.
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