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Topic: Logic

posted 4/29/2012  21:48Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Hello. i would like to elaborate be on logic of predicate and how it is applied in AI.
Am saying this because here in my country we obtain low level teaching.

posted 8/19/2012  04:50Reply with quote
To my knowledge, predicate logic appears in A.I. in only a few places: (1) the Prolog language; (2) the Semantic Web; (3) automated theorem proving; (4) knowledge representation; (5) non-monotonic reasoning. Here are some starting points on those topics, though you will need to do much more searching on Google to learn those topics well.

(1) Prolog language:

(2) Semantic Web:

(3) automated theorem proving:

(4) knowledge representation:,%20Chapter%2008,%20FOL.pdf

(5) non-monotonic reasoning

In general, predicate logic is not used very often in A.I. The main place in A.I. where you would see logic is in Prolog. Prolog and Lisp used to be the two main languages of A.I. in the 1980s, especially since the Japanese Fifth Generation project focused on Prolog. But then that Fifth Generation project failed, whereupon much of the interest in Prolog faded, so there is less pressure to learn logic nowadays.

In my opinion, predicate logic is nice to learn for general background knowledge, especially for knowledge representation, which is an important topic, but you probably won't actually need it, from what I've seen.

The basics of predicate logic are fairly easy to learn. I recommend learning how to represent different English sentences in predicate logic as practice, since you may have to pass an easy test on that if you apply for a job dealing with the Semantic Web. Just read many examples of it and create many examples of it yourself to get practice with using it, from English to logic, and from logic to English. Skip the advanced topics like skolemization, unification, and MGUs.

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