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Topic: New To this

posted 7/20/2009  03:39Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Hello all I am new to this how do I get started with getting set up and traing?

posted 7/20/2009  09:12Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Well, if you made an account while talking to Alan, after logging in, say "I want to speak to MyHAL" and you SHOULD get a message saying you can start talking now, at least I did. Also, the only thing your fresh copy knows how to say at first is "hi mommy" so if you want to teach it it's name, ask it "What is your name?" it should say something random, probably "hi mommy" and after that you type " Wrong, My name is *insert name of choice here*" then ask again, repeat as needed until it responds the way you want. The same method works with everything you want to teach it, and sometimes it figures things out on it's own, example: I was teaching mine the alphabet, I only taught it up to H, and after that it figured it out. I make it sound harder than it is, it's just monotonous for a while. Good luck!

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