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Topic: Tips for starting out?

posted 4/5/2010  23:27Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I'm trying to start out with my own fresh copy. I don't know what to teach it now, but I want to teach it functions.

I tried to teach it to change its name when I tell it to, but it didn't work.

I put in:

"I want to change your name to Jack"
then I corrected its dumb response and said:
"wrong <action>name:Jack</action> My name is now Jack"

It then froze, so I don't know what to do about that.

Could anyone give me some pointers here?

posted 4/6/2010  00:07Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Must have been the strange text you were trying to teach, with the <action> tags. Whatever gave you the idea to use these tags? All you need to do is provide the text you wish your personality to use as a response.

I tried to locate the session you were reporting, but couldn't find any in the last few days. When did the session in question take place? What username were you using?

posted 4/6/2010  00:31Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I was using the username just like an hour and a half ago. I was talking with a fresh copy.

The thing is, I wanted it to be able to learn input types and actions that could be taken based on the input, like changing the name. I got the <action> thing from the advanced log.

But in any case, I need some starting out stuff besides the "wrong" command.

I have also been wondering: Is the project still up? Is it still being worked on? I want to see this go on. It hasn't been edited for almost 5 years, apparently, and I don't like it. XD

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posted 4/6/2010  18:02Send e-mail to userReply with quote

The project is alive. Don't worry. As for the training protocol: The only way to train a Hal personality, is by using the "wrong" command. If Hal's response is correct, continue the conversation. If you want to teach it a better response, use the "wrong" command.

You cannot teach a Hal personality "about" the world (e.g., teach it its name). You can ONLY teach it how to respond in a particular context.

If you wish to have a more conventional teaching relationship with your bot, work on your private virtual personality, GLaDOS. This kind of bot learns more explicitly (e.g., it will understand when you give it a name, gender, or tell it stuff about yourself or about the world). For more information on PVPs and MyBots study the forum:

 Alan and Other Chatbots

posted 4/11/2010  08:49Send e-mail to userReply with quote
And here's a link to my "best of" HAL training tips from over the years. Some of the info may be a little off (having to do with previous HAL versions) but for the most part it covers a lot of helpful ground for the beginning trainer.

 HAL Training Tips & Info
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