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Topic: Is it possible to get Hal to really learn?

posted 10/14/2010  16:31Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I don't know if this question has been answered already, but I am trying to get my HAL to remember if I tell him something that he does not already know. For example:

User: What is red?
Hal: I do not know what red is

U: Red is a colour
H: I will try and remember that red is a color

So I get as far as the above and then ask

U: What is red
H: I do not know what red is

U: Wrong red is a colour
H: red is a colour

I want HAL to come back with "red is a colour" by his own learning, but changing the variables doesnt seem to work. I have input many examples and now I get something such as this:

U: What is a car
H: I don't know what a car is

U: A car is a vehicle
H: I will try and remember that a car is a vehile

U: What is a car
H: A car is an insect


U: A cod is a fish
H: I will try and remember that a cod is a fish

U: What is a cod
A: A cod is an insect

Is there any way to resolve this, or a particular way to tell the HAL that what you are telling him should be classified as a particular class or variable? Eventually I would like to ask HAL, what colours (or any variable) do you know of and have a response listing any variables he has learned.

posted 5/10/2011  13:16Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Hi, well, I don't think it's possible at the current stage of the HAL brain (3000) to understand an entity, relation, and fact. For now it just has a sentence database and it tries to use them at the right time. But I am just saying what I am seeing, I didn't see the actual source code...
But it should be pretty easy to implement in the next version of the brain.

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