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Topic: How do I save HAL

posted 12/21/2012  05:28Reply with quote
I am starting to train my HAL and I cant figure one thing out. When I read the guides posted here, they never say how to rename HAL,save a HAL, or how to view logs of your HAL. Can someone explain to me how to do these things?

posted 12/21/2012  05:40Reply with quote
also how do I change it to HAL 2000?

posted 12/21/2012  23:54Send e-mail to userReply with quote
"There are currently four versions of the Brain open to the public: V4.0 (known simply as HAL), HAL2003, HAL2004, and the most recent release, HAL3000."

There is no HAL 2000 judgingby the docs.

posted 12/22/2012  02:11Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Well how do I change it and what are the diffrences?

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