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Topic: The intellective thought

Alcides Iván Meza
posted 2/18/2009  22:58Send e-mail to userReply with quote
The intellective thought

In the sphere of the science of artificial thought, the intellective thought is the one which should correspond to what vaguely is named now as "artificial intelligence", and it is notoriously different from other types of thought.

The intellective thought comprises a subsystem of small functions, programed, abstract, which as a whole produce the effect actually understood as "intelligence" inside the thought.

Those functions are really very much numerous, and totally unknown at present by human science.

The intelligence is a component of the thought.

The authentic artificial intelligence, the intellective thought, is a subfield in the artificial thought; it can be studied and developed concretely within it.

The intelligence refers to one of the characteristics, properties or elements of human thought. As well as it, others also exist, like the memory, the fantasy or imagination, the reason properly considered, and the intuition.

The intelligence is a complex process of thought's abstract functions.

The intelligence usually is defined like a capacity, etcetera. That type of definition is too limited. The intelligence is a complex process of thought's abstract functions, like the functions of associating, relationing, comparing, distinguishing, identifying, differentiating, classifying, etcetera. Those functions develop in thought in a generic way, that is to say, to be applied to any element, without involving its nature. From the result of the required functional addition, it can be obtained thoughful products which can have a high value of veracity or not. The intelligence produces highly probable results, but not absolutely true ones. It is possible to program those generic functions in artificial thought, but it only makes sense after having created the great platform of the artificial thought in its levels of the simple thought and of the rational thought. To make it from the very beginning, without those levels, is absurd and very well could be impossible.

With respect to Turing, the fact that a person recognizes the nature of artificial thought in a computer functioning program does not disqualify this program as a program of artificial thought: all the opposite, it confirms it as a program of artificial thought. Not having thought this idea was the cause of the Turing's error on his famous test. But clearly, he just imagined about the artificial thought. We must not reproach his error. Now, when creating a first artificial thought program, our experience has been gotten immensely rich and we do not totally depend on our imagination.

Alcides Iván Meza
Director de Investigación Científica
Universidad Cristiana de Honduras
Instalaciones de la 105 Brigada de Infantería
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

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