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Topic: The simple thought is the basic platform of thought.

Alcides Iván Meza
posted 2/20/2009  19:33Send e-mail to userReply with quote
The simple thought 

The simple thought is the basic platform of the thought.

The simple thought, in view of the logical reproduction that is realized in the artificial thought comprehending the same processes, does not require the logical processes traditionally known in science. It is a process of search, not rationalist verification, and generation of answer. However, the denomination as simple refers only to a comparison with other types of thought, and does not necessarily indicate that its real process is very simple. Even the type of simple thought involucrates the majority of the real processes that occurs in human thought. I call it simple because it doesn't include any prolonged and complex process of learning, for example; neither it includes any activation of technical and scientific knowledge and language.
The simple thought requires greater proportion of using memory than the intelligence. This is also expressed in the diagram of human thought. As long as we advance toward higher types of thought, that proportion gets inverted.

The simple thought is used the most.

In the concrete individual, even who dominates higher and more complex forms of thought, in the course of his daily life he uses the simple thought in recurrent form, in greater proportion than within other types of thought; this is a complicated process that has its origin in the organic necessities of social life and in the phenomenona of cultural dominion: the ideologizing social communication, the preconceived ideas of society in which we live, the preestablished prototypes of thinking, the paradigmatic culture, the unavoidable coercive force of quotidianity, etcetera.

I also have defined a special case of simple thought: the simple artificial mathematical thought.

Alcides Iván Meza
Director de Investigación Científica
Universidad Cristiana Evangélica Nuevo Milenio
Residencial Llano del Potrero
Comayagüela, Honduras

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