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Topic: Cultural Algorithm

posted 12/26/2010  12:37Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I am salauddin from Bangladesh by Profession I am a System Analyst. For last 6 years I am researching on one Bangali poet. I want to know how I can implement my research using Cultural Algorithm.
1. Language(Bangla)
2. Cultural Algorithms Tutorial System (CAT)

I am in preliminary stage to develop the algorithm. I have conducted one seminar in Physics department on the topic of: Metaphysics of Sukanta Bhattachareya.

posted 9/9/2012  01:32Reply with quote
Two years later, somebody finally responds. :-)

To anyone interested, there appears to be very little information on CAT, which I'd never heard of before, nor of cultural algorithms. This appears to be the main reference on CAT:

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