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Topic: Another perspective on AI

posted 5/13/2013  18:15Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Hello everyone,
I have just registered in the forum hoping to get in touch with more AI enthusiasts and experts, and to discuss a "different" perspective of AI.

along the years, I had read/implemented/studied AI but I wasn't quite happy about the way it's dealt with. because if you look on all approaches, you will see how they are restricted to a very very narrow field or conditions of special case (at least from the implementation point of view). To make my self clear, we humans make use of different experiences to assist other problem solving situations. in other words, hearing, smelling, seeing, playing a game, reading a book, "watching someone fall of a roof" -or imagining that at least-, pushes thoughts to go in different way, rather than they would have gone "without" those experiences.

I also have to say the today's programming languages (yes are working) are not "perfectly suited" for an AI system for reasons I will mention later.

So, that being said, I have decided to try making another platform especially made for AI, and taking into consideration that it doesn't have the restrictions previously mentioned.

that is done by taking these assumptions into mind (completely my opinions, right/wrong/said by someone else, is something I would love to discuss):
1) Human Logic is Layered - from very "conceptual" to pure mathematical/geometrical/physical
2) The Layers are tightly connected, meaning that there is no it's not a structural layer (imagine as black-white-gradient)
3) Logic is modifiable anytime in anyway (but not removable)
4) the system is a Unity - meaning that what modifies Logic is part of the Logic, thus modifiable its self
5) Data is part of the system, actually it is the system meaning that Logic can be transformed to Data and vice versa

Having said that, we can describe the system by the following components
1) Querying Mechanism --- somthing best descriped by SQL (with relatively small differences)
2) Execution Unit --- Obviously operations/functions and so on
3) Reflection --- The system can see its self completely, "Query" its self and have full access to any possible action a programmer can do
4) Triggers --- in some opther programming languages they are Events (but again it's a bit different here)
5) Memory Structure --- Memory structures are a big issue to talk about in one sentence.

so, it's important to mention that I have already started with this scheme, and I really hope some of you help/correct me or at least see what opinions we can discuss
in fact, I really would love to work in a team to achieve this.

I have designed such a system called REEM (Reflective Executive Expression Model) which is a minimal scripting (interpreted) language which is stripped to the bone
and everything else is defined by the language its self (like even if statements).
meaning that the system has initially absolutely no structure what so ever. and all of the structuring is a "fluid" concept making its evolution very easy and automate-able

The system provides the following things
Some types - includes the Memory structure which is also stripped down to "Term" and "Connection"-which connects two "Terms" only
some operators
some "platform" functions
it's worth mentioning that the "type" is an operator and the "operator" is an operator, and YES :) the functions are an operator

so you can imagine each of the to be in an array that you can literally iterate through or Query
And you actually can define absolutely anything from this minimalist system not to mention that the code can change its self (if you define that of course :))

This is getting a very description so I'll leave it here, I'm really excited to discuss this and how it can be used to make a (what I think can be) brain model ---> Good AI ?? !

NOTE: I haven't mentioned everything about the platform

Devender Singh Rana
posted 1/9/2014  15:32Send e-mail to userReply with quote
visit me at...

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