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Topic: Support Insuffciency

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Support insufficiency

Before i begin to write, i want to invite people to a new AI forum. Although its most content is in turkish, there is much place for your post, which are welcome there. Please send msg to webmaster termirex in order to make posts validated. You are welcome. Please make this web link with your posts richer. thx.
Support by name, has to be able to answer the requests of timing and requirements in given environment.
In order to understand what support means, it would be better to look for definition of this term. First of all, support is a kind of insurance. As there are many sorts of insurances, they differ from each by contents and procedures. To mean support supply in systems, it is good to think about grounding in electrics, which are equivalent to this such of insurance. How the human would strangle himself by medical insufficiency conditions, it is the same for system. An alternative, that is given, is not always the solution, because the affected system, that is under strong conditions, must have been enjected with abstract support, in most cases on time before it comes to fatal crash. Possible alternatives are used to have an orientation to have an overlook and this makes sense to abstract the researchings. The most important matter is to hand over the required support to destination. An example would be, to give the good medicine to patient that is the only possible cure.

"Supporting" and "working outs" are not to misunderstand. They do not have the same meaning.
Support, in most cases, is a prepaired suppliment to ease hard conditions. Alternative cases, that require work outs and occur several times, have to concilate catalogue-like circuits. In this catalogue, interfaces of soft problems are being listed in order of priorities. This is important, because the solution of one problem, listed in this catalogue, could be the next best answer of the other one problem. They could be adapted in this way. It is not good to search for patent solutions all the time. Many nomined good solutions are being designed to make them company to other possible coming up problems. At the end, what has been achieved is having new perpectives with the overlook to running system, that has need to be supported. What the intelligence makes so visible in front, would be this predesigned environment.

Support must be always updated.
The time to keep the system updated should be proportional to the investigation of effort into it. Support is most in detail hidden, because intelligence and system are dynamic organisations. "There is no a before and after event". To explain this: If it is less a dreamwork, but more realistic, the man would discover somehow intelligence now and here in virtual environment. Humanbeings would make a great spiritual step in this world. At the end, to succeed this, man has to discover the start, with other word, the entry into this discovery. When a baby was born, the phases that the baby lays behind, would not prepare enough this human to have control over nowadays living-conditions, because this baby has to be nursed first for years. Given instincts are not sufficient, to matter and discuss intelligence. By supporting education and moral, gained researched and confirmed results will take place. The system will be right on place in this world.

The insufficiency can be tolerated, but must be treated as soon as possible.
Dynamic ways are concilated in dynamic systems. The most secure behavior is to have a look, if there could be an error by applying a fantasy dynamic solution on the way to a reasonable problem. This way is depending on y of designer. If system must be able to keep itself running, the further coming up warnings and errors have to be reasonable, before performing wrong application that leads to a fatal crash. In conclusion, the gained time given to see any occurable wrong behavior of system, is bonus. Most of cases, uncontrolled brainstorm is in use, to support suffiency. This usage is known as instead of facing problems, which are protocolled in catalogues, giving a direction if there are less or more some prepared solved conditions which are abstracts. If there are similarities between problem and abstract conditions, they will be linked to each and additionally recorded.

The balance between support effiency and update must be preserved.
Is it realistic to protocol every event in system ? If there is an answer to this question, the answer could be discussed in procedures of underconsciousness. Artificial intelligence gets power and has its foundation there. The technology, medicine, industry nowadays concentrate on materialism, because of this tragedy, the researchs based on AI are not enough respected. Insanity is a dark mirror with many respectable solutions, which would serve for these researchings. In other words, humankind is not ready for the naked reality. Hypnosis and concentration are foundations of uncousciosness. These have been observed and respected. They have nothing with insanity. There is no insanity. The linked support could be aged and would have its place beyond mind. If we exist and were born by passing over several levels on the way to world, it is nice to know that it is possible to add the unconsciousness to our DNS - Structure. Is uncousciousness inheritanable ? Looking for answer to this question, is right here.

Sometimes if there is support but no effiency of it, then it is time protocol this behavior in order of priorities in controlled system.
Support is produced by gained information of protocols at all. Without giving notice to possible problems, it would be much better to reconstruct an ideal environment and train conditions. This training catch most of hard and fatal complexities and make them as easy as possible to reduce into these granularities. There is no way, there is only perpective insight system, furthermore this serves to open new stages next times. The searched training is somemore a way and a procedure. Maybe it does not take it to the content of perfectionism, but it is morelike a base for its function. The training is easy. It works in background at an ideal time with foreseeing, progressing getting optimized.

insufficiency, as result recognized by given support and made protocol, must be satisfying completed by facilities.
Support and insufficiency have to move side-by-side in harmony. Which both of them did stand before ? Answering this question, will be helpful. In order to adequate "intelligence" term to system, this must have made the procedure: " it would be much better to reconstruct an ideal environment and train conditions. " to habit. It is inevitable for making the start.

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