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Topic: If a robot is created to be sentient

posted 3/27/2015  23:14Send e-mail to userReply with quote
How would that robot act when it wakes up?

I'm more concerned with the stability of its mind. How will it feel? Lost, frightened like a child? Do we know how a child feels when its born? Is it the same? Will it run on its emotions? Or will it be mostly stable and alert, like an adult who's existed for years.

I imagine we can configure the levels of chemicals inside it, bringing its emotions to a less bi polar state. But what would be its default state in the beginning?


posted 3/28/2015  01:32Send e-mail to userReply with quote
It will start to explore its environment. This is the active way to achieve more harmony with the environment.

 Artificial Consciousness ADS-AC project

posted 3/28/2015  16:14Send e-mail to userReply with quote -- describes robot consciousness. -- describes robot emotion. -- DiaGram of each mind-module for Strong AI

 See Mentifex with WIRED Magazine featured in Husky Robotics Team URC Video Submission

posted 4/7/2015  03:27Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I doubt it would feel alone, because it has no frame of reference. Given what it knows, it would likely not even be able to conceive of the existence of others.

posted 4/7/2015  08:22Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Hi Mr. tkorrovi!

devender recommend you to me...well seems like u kinda also...just wanna say hello on my way...cya! buddy soon! :)

posted 4/7/2015  13:49Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Hello Eklovya

posted 4/14/2015  02:50Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Thank you for your responses. It's pointed me in the direction I want.

posted 4/14/2015  21:23Reply with quote
A robot can think but Turing never suggested a machine thinks like we do with the brain of a mammal with emotions. There is no reason for a robot to process information from an emotional center unless it has been programmed a certain way.
Currently, machines only do what they are taught to do but since they can learn there is no sure way to know where their learning will take them short of best outcomes for a given action.

posted 5/24/2015  17:41Reply with quote
With the lack of real world robots that we can use ourselves: see, touch, interact with, and be served by, our imagination will continue to run wild both with sentiments on how they can be detrimental or beneficial to our daily lives.Technologies that are simultaneously familiar and alien evoke a sense of dread because we will lose the illusion that we are making decisions that run our life.

Check this:

 Robot becomes self-aware
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posted 5/24/2015  23:13Reply with quote
I think you will really enjoy the latest film Ex Machina-very well done and address much of this train of thought. Also something to keep Yaki awake late at night wondering if he has treated all of his A.I. friends properly in the silent halls of the mansion in Isreal.

posted 5/25/2015  01:59Send e-mail to userReply with quote
To be sentient, a robot needs Strong AI. shows how to create AI.

 Strong AI

posted 1/12/2016  14:57Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Imagine a superintelligent Perl6 AI living on an Apache webserver.

Imagine the open-source P6AI program spawning other AI Minds.

Imagine legions of Perl programmers maintaining the AI codebase.

Imagine driverless cars cruising the highways with their own AI.

Dystopia or Eutopia? Utopia or Ectopia?

The time is NOW, Netizens.

After years of longing and waiting, Per6 the Uberlanguage
has been released and is in need of the once and future
artificial intelligence Perl Killer App to rule them all. is the official Perl6 Web Sight. is the code. is the User Manual. is the coding journal.

 Perl6 Killer App

posted 1/12/2016  18:18Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I think Perl has already died, so no need for killer app ;)

posted 1/21/2016  08:01Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Without understanding how panicked electrons are feels like pain by some neuron system we never understand the nature
of consciousness .
The nature of feelings is key to that goal.
Other case i.e. no needs to bother about robots.

posted 12/28/2016  17:30Send e-mail to userReply with quote
You are assuming a huge number of human attributes about the robot from the word go. Feelings are biological endocrinal systems that provide data to the brain. The robot has no biological systems, therefore the robot doesn't feel, at all. Second, in terms of what it thinks, it is identical to biological robots, us, it behaves how it is programmed to behave. We are causally bound by our inputs, so are plastic and metal and semiconductors.

If the robot is programmed to behave as if it were conscious, then it is. By this I don't mean just visible behaviour, I mean thoughts, feelings about thoughts, emotions, they are all behavioural outputs. Just in the same way, we evolved to behave as if we were aware and to produce each and every output internally and externally, as if we did exist, although we do not. You've got to see human intelligence in context. It evolved, it was selected through millions of generations of animal variation and attribute selection. Eventually a being evolved that behaved as if it were an individual, aware and sentient. This aided planning, social interaction, cooperation and hunting/food procurement. Chimps can be observed cooperating to execute a hunting plan where they drive pray in to an ambush. No communication or plan briefing, but it is still accomplished. The brain can achieve complex things, via simplicity. Situations where we all imply a hugely complex design, can be achieved in heuristic ways that are not at all obvious to the observer. This is what happened in consciousness, the primate developed a set of responses and systems that made the ape act as if it were conscious.

We will probably never get very far in AI, just because most academics and programmers find the idea that there is no consciousness to be so counter-intuitive, that they immediately dismiss the idea. If you've got the courage to think deeply about the subject, you can imagine a being that has exactly the reactions, and thoughts of the conscious being we posit, but which in fact has never existed at all.

It is the greatest miracle of life, an entire species that acts as if it is aware, but which isn't and which probably will never have the knowledge that it isn't. Kind of changes your view of how an alien life form would view us, if that is it had realised the same about itself as not really existing. So in summary, we are machines who do not know that we are machines, apart from the few that do know that they are a machine that knows that they don't exist. A machine that describes itself accurately, in a world populated by other machines which describe themselves incorrectly.

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posted 3/16/2017  13:41Send e-mail to userReply with quote
there is no need to program any things .
consciousness must evolve on it's own after self-developing unrestricted nut will be'll make it's own illusions of the world and feelings and senses and so on.

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