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Topic: Is it fine to use drugs like adderal

posted 9/13/2015  01:17Send e-mail to userReply with quote
i have received dozens of emails and posts on my fb walls about brain focus and increase concentration by using intellux is it fine to use such products if they have no side effects


posted 9/13/2015  19:03Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Weirdly, there is almost no spam bot activity here at weekends. If someone didn't ban the bots, but this is difficult to believe. These are likely still bots, but operated by people, who don't work at weekends.

Don't do they dirty work at weekends, that is, eat dung for the dirty money you get for that. Or no, spend that money for medical diagnostics, psychiatric drugs and preventive medicine. Make sure to eat only gmo foods, hint, a lot of corn and soya. Use only diet drinks that contain aspertame or corn syrup, no way sugar. Make sure to vaccinate yourself as much as you can. Make sure to take cholesterol lowering drugs, poisonous drugs for losing weight are also great. Eat a lot of see food coming from japan, and rice grown in japan. In brief, everything that kills you, or kills your brain. I hope you take my good advice.

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